a train the boys girlfriend actress

Who plays A-Train girlfriend?

Brittany Allen (I)

Who killed a trains girlfriend?

Eventually, after A-Train reveals that Stillwell agreed to let the two go public, she reveals information about The Boys to A-Train. Not wanting to take any risks, Popclaw is murdered by A-Train through heroin overdose.

What happens to A-Train’s girlfriend?

Acting under Homelander’s orders, A-Train then injects Popclaw with a fatal dose of heroin, which almost immediately kills her. Moral of the story: always pay your rent on time. Or perhaps, just don’t get involved with a member of the Seven.

Did A-Train love Popclaw?

For instance, remember Popclaw, A-Train’s secret girlfriend? Popclaw (who’s played by Canadian actress Brittany Allen) was once a silver screen starlet, having starred in the sexy movie franchise Terminal Beauty, but because of his playboy rep, A-Train can’t go public with their romance.

Why did A-Train kills Popclaw?

After Popclaw tells A-Train that she revealed the secrets of Compound V to The Boys, A-Train is pretty much forced to kill her and mask it as a drug overdose.

What’s wrong with A-Train’s heart?

Heart Condition: As a result of using Compound V to enhance his abilities, A-Train eventually suffered a heart attack. The resulting heart condition prevented him from exerting himself as much as he used to.

Does Starlight join The Boys?

Starlight (real name Rebecca Anne January) is the deuteragonist of the Amazon series The Boys. She’s a member of The Seven, a group of superheroes. … So when she’s selected to join The Seven, it’s every dream she’s ever had come true.

Does Homelander have a weakness?

Homelander’s Real Weakness Is That He Craves Love & Adoration. … When he flies down to be among the people, he is rapidly swarmed by fans who want to take pictures with him, and that attention — that acceptance and love — is what he craves above all else.

Can Homelander be killed?

No one can killed Homelander. He is very powerful like superman. If DC insert a powerful charter in next season hope he can be killed. otherwise there is no one The Boys who can Kill Homelander.

Is A-Train evil?

A-Train – Evil-ish He’s also willing to cheat to win so he can continue to be the “fastest man alive” and puts Compound-V into his body so he can win a race between him and Shockwave.

Does Hughie get powers?

Billy injects Hughie with Compound V during their mission, giving Hughie superhero powers but angering him nonetheless. He received superhuman strength and durability.

Is Stillwell alive in Season 2?

Supernatural fans will know that Eric Kripke has a general rule of dead doesn’t stay dead—although they really probably should. … Well, it turns out that Madelyn Stillwell is still dead. The Madelyn we saw during the episode is not the character we’d come to know and love to hate.

What happened to A-Train’s leg?

2 A-Train’s Leg Is Broken Being the fastest man alive, The Female hits him where it hurts and breaks one of his legs which is seen in excruciating details with the snapped bone sticking out of his leg as he writhes in pain.

Who is faster A-Train or Shockwave?

Powers and Abilities Superhuman Speed: Shockwave is the second fastest man alive, after A-Train, albeit the latter was on Compound V during their race. He ran 342 meters per second (765.03 MPH/1,231.2 KPH) during his race with A-Train, which is almost as fast as the speed of sound.

Does the deep rejoin the seven?

But when Alastair commends A-Train’s “initiative” and that he is now back in The Seven, Deep at once becomes congratulatory towards A-Train, despite having disavowed him only seconds earlier.

What did Lamplighter do?

Lamplighter’s job was to burn the patients who were no longer of use to Vought. Through flashbacks, we learn the Boys blackmailed Lamplighter to spy on the rest of the Seven. This made him incredibly angry, which is why he went after Grace’s grandchildren.

What did mothers milk see in Popclaw apartment?

Milk brings up the video feed from Popclaw’s apartment and sees her take the vials of V out of a kit. He tells Billy that he’ll check in later and is going to see about a girl. As he leaves, Billy glares up at Homelander. Homelander notices that Billy is the only one watching him as everyone else looks at the track.

Where is Brittany from Project Runway?

After receiving her Bachelor of Science from the University of Arkansas and her MFA from SCAD, she moved to Austin, Texas, where she is currently an adjunct professor of fashion courses at a local university.

Who plays Bree in Schitt’s Creek?

“Schitt’s Creek” Carl’s Funeral (TV Episode 2015) – Brittany Allen as Bree – IMDb.

How do you stay alive movie?

What Keeps You Alive is a 2018 Canadian psychological horror film written and directed by Colin Minihan. It stars Hannah Emily Anderson and Brittany Allen and follows a young woman fighting for her life as her wife’s murderous intentions become evident.

Did Hughie kills Butcher?

However, Hughie Campbell manages to kill Butcher before the chemical weapons are put to use. The Boys can’t use this comic ending without betraying many parts of the show’s story and characters, but that doesn’t mean Billy’s fate is safe.

Why did Homelander save Butcher?

Homelander saved the baby just to show Butcher how pathetic his attempt had been. Not only did he have time to prevent Butcher’s suicide, he even saved the baby. It’s basically saying that there was never any danger of Stillwell being killed by Butcher’s bomb, Homelander could have saved her if he wanted to.

How did Hughie save A-Train?

In the very first episode of The Boys, A-Train killed Hughie Campbell’s girlfriend, Robin, by running through her. … However, when Hughie and Annie January/Starlight had the opportunity to kill A-Train, who at the time was heart attack, he chose not to, effectively saving his life in the process.

Is Billy Butcher a supe?

When Butcher is finally reunited with Becca, he is unable to accept her son, due to his connection to Homelander and the fact that he’s a Supe, he even makes a deal with Edgar to separate the two permanently so Billy can have Becca back.

Is Teddy Homelander’s son?

Homelander Might Be Teddy’s Father It’s implied that the Vought executive is a single mother who paid for a sperm donor. There’s certainly no sign of a Mr. Stillwell, but Teddy’s parentage is never explicitly laid out in full.

Who kills Queen Maeve?

In The Boys comics, Homelander is responsible for killing Queen Maeve after she defends Starlight from the powerful evil Supe.

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