does jermaine dupris have a girlfriend

Has Jermaine Dupri been married?

Jermaine Dupri Mauldin (born September 23, 1972) is an American record producer, songwriter, rapper, entrepreneur, and DJ….Jermaine DupriTelevisionThe Rap GamePartner(s)Janet Jackson (2002–2009)Children2Parent(s)Michael Mauldin (father)14 more rows

What is Jermaine Dupri worth?

Jermaine Dupri net worth: Jermaine Dupri is an American songwriter, rapper, and record producer who has a net worth of $2 million….Jermaine Dupri Net Worth.Net Worth:$2 MillionDate of Birth:Sep 23, 1972 (49 years old)Gender:MaleHeight:5 ft 3 in (1.613 m)2 more rows

Does Jermaine Dupri have kids with Janet Jackson?

For starters, while they recently met up when she ended her “State of the World” tour in Atlanta, Jackson and Dupri are not romantically involved. And they are most certainly not having a baby together. A source close to Jackson exclusively assures Gossip Cop the tabloid’s tale is 100 percent “untrue.”Jan 10, 2018

How many number ones does Jermaine Dupri have?

The chart that showed him the most love was Hot Rap Songs, where he’s received seven No. 1 songs, including his feature on the So So Def remix of Dem Franchize Boyz’s “I Think They Like Me.” In total, however, the rapper has earned 16 No. 1s on the Billboard charts, which is pretty damn impressive.

Did Jermaine Dupri marry Janet Jackson?

In an interview with T.I. on his ExpediTIously podcast, Jermaine Dupri revealed why he never married his ex Janet Jackson. He said, “I started thinking that marriage for me wasn’t gonna work. Just, something about it. … I was in the space, I felt married…Apr 26, 2020

What is Jermaine Dupri’s net worth 2021?

As of 2022, Jermaine Dupri’s net worth is roughly $2 million. Jermaine Dupri is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, and record executive from North Carolina….Net Worth:$2 MillionSource of Wealth:Professional RapperLast Updated:20213 more rows•Dec 3, 2021

Does Jermaine Dupri own So So Def?

So So Def Recordings is an American record label based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and owned by producer Jermaine Dupri, specializing in Southern hip hop, R&B and bass music. So So Def has managed artists such as Bow Wow, Kris Kross, TLC, and Usher.

How much is Da Brat worth 2021?

Da Brat Net Worth: Shawntae Harris, better known as Da Brat is an American rapper who has a net worth of $1 Million US as of 2022. She is one of many females who broke into the hip-hop scene in the mid-1990s. Da Brat’s first album made her extremely popular in the music world.

Who has Jermaine Dupri produced for?

14 Songs You Didn’t Know Jermaine Dupri ProducedMa$e, Jay Z, Lil’ Cease, 112, “Cheat On You” (1997) … TLC, “My Life” (1999) … Latocha Scott and Chanté Moore, “Treated Like Her” (2000) … Ludacris and Pastor Troy, “Get Off Me” (2000) … R.O.C., “Who Ya Love” (2011) … Tamia, “Still” (2004)More items…

How much is Hood Brat worth?

What is this? Da Brat’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million dollars, making her the 15th richest female rapper in the world.

Is Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson back together?

So So Def founder Jermaine Dupri and pop superstar Janet Jackson dated from roughly 2000 to 2008. While speaking to T.I. for his expediTIously podcast in April 2020, Dupri revealed why they called it quits after nearly a decade together, explaining neither one of them was willing to move to their respective cities.

How many hit songs does Jermaine Dupri have?

1 hits and 56 top 10 hits – and he’s not slowing down. To celebrate 25 influential years of his So So Def label, which he founded in 1993, he released a new compilation.

What songs did Jermaine Dupri wrote for Usher?

Original songsTitleWritten byOriginally byBurnJermaine Dupri, Usher, Bryan-Michael CoxUsherConfessions Part IIJermaine Dupri, Usher, Bryan-Michael CoxUsherDon’t Forget About UsMariah Carey, Jermaine Dupri, Johntá Austin, Bryan-Michael CoxMariah CareyFunkdafiedJermaine Dupri, Da BratDa Brat19 more rows

Who is Janet Jackson’s boyfriend 2021?

Janet Jackson’s Boyfriend Wissam Al Mana Opens Up About Relationship.

What is Mariah Carey’s net worth?

Mariah Carey Net WorthNet Worth:$320 MillionDate of Birth:Mar 27, 1970 (51 years old)Gender:FemaleHeight:5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)Profession:Record producer, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Model, Author, Composer, Actor, Film Producer, Voice Actor1 more row

How rich is Janet Jackson?

With a net worth (per Celebrity Net Worth) of $190 million, Janet Jackson is the richest Jackson family member.

Who is the richest rapper?

Kanye West is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. He is now the richest rapper in the world, with a net worth of $6.6 billion.

What is Jermaine Dupri doing now?

Producer, artist and longtime music executive Jermaine Dupri has signed with APA for film and TV. The new representation comes as the Grammy winner and CEO of So So Def Recordings is launching his own movie production banner, So So Def Films.

Why is Miss Mulatto not signed to So So Def?

In 2016, Stephens became a contestant on the Lifetime reality series The Rap Game, produced by Jermaine Dupri and Queen Latifah. … She was offered a recording contract from Dupri with So So Def Records but ultimately turned down the deal claiming it wasn’t enough money, opting to be an independent artist.

Who is under Bad Boy Records?

It operates as an imprint of Epic, a division of Sony. It has been home to many artists, including Craig Mack, The Notorious B.I.G., Faith Evans, Mase, 112, Total, The Lox, Machine Gun Kelly, French Montana, Cassie, Janelle Monáe, Danity Kane, Day 26, and Elephant Man.

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