how to experiment with your girlfriend

How can I sexually explore my partner?

Better Sex in 7 Steps: Exploring Sexuality With Your PartnerCheck in with yourself. … What are your sexual blocks? … Ask your partner to write up their own list. … See where the overlap is in your lists. … Aim to feel overly safe. … Start small. … Schedule sexual play dates.

How do I get my wife to experiment in bed?

Ask her to try one thing first, and make it romantic rather than a complete 180 degree change from your existing physical sexual repertoire….How to get your woman to be wilder in bedFlattery will get you everywhere. … Be romantic. … Manscape yourself. … Ask her for something new to try. … Be playful, positive and praising.

What do couples do in bed at night?

Don’t forget to kiss your partner before going to sleep as well as cuddling for a few minutes when you are already in bed. This is very relaxing and evokes positive emotions. Psychologists are confident that if you hug while falling asleep, your relationship is not in trouble.

Where do you touch a guy down there?

7 pleasure spots every guy wants you to touch01/8​7 pleasure spots every guy wants you to touch.

Ladies, here’s how you can step up your game of seduction to next level! … 02/8Nape. … 03/8​Back of the ears. … 04/8​Butt. … 05/8​Inner thighs. … 06/8​Perineum. … 07/8​Nipples. … 08/8​Feet.

How do you turn a girl on physically?

7 Ways to turn a woman on. … Ask her what she likes, and do your homework. … Know the three parts of foreplay. … Be creative: Not all women are the same. … Know her body. … Help her feel comfortable receiving oral sex. … Play with lube or toys. … Remember that great sex won’t happen overnight.

Does sleeping together make you closer?

If you want to have a closer relationship, sleep closer to your mate. … Most people cannot sleep that way. But just by sharing a bed and being able to reach over and touch the one you love, you will feel better about your life.

What does it mean when a girl falls asleep on you?

Having a girl fall asleep on you is so amazing and cute. When she falls asleep, she is telling you she feels comfy, safe, and happy in your presence. Seeing the woman you love, deep asleep, in total peace, hearing her little slow and soft breathing, is an incredibly beautiful and intimate experience.

What married couples do in bed?

7 Things Couples Should Do in BedroomTurn the bedroom into a dance floor.Look into each other’s eyes.Make a picnic in bed.Undress each other.Read together.Give a massage.Indulge in sweet nothings.

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