how to get another girlfriend in gta 4

Can you have more than one girlfriend in GTA 4?

Niko Bellic has a total of five possible girlfriends in GTA 4. Two of them are story-related (Michelle, Kate), while three are entirely optional (Carmen, Kiki, and Alex). … With a little bit of time and effort, GTA 4 players can earn special abilities from their voluntary girlfriends.8 Aug 2021

Does love meet work in GTA 4? homepage. Love Meet is an online dating site in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV.

How do you pick up girls in GTA 4?

First you have to have a nice car, not one thats all damaged. Then pull up next to her honk your horn and she will come up to you slowly, and you get to choose how much to spend.

Is Michelle a cop in GTA 4?

In 2008, she is an undercover government agent who works for United Liberty Paper. Before her true identity is revealed, she becomes Niko Bellic’s girlfriend under the alias ‘Michelle’.

Is Niko Bellic dead?

By the end of GTA 4, Niko Bellic is alive. There is nothing to indicate he perishes after either ending (at least not right away). GTA 4 takes place in 2008, so plenty of years have passed between it and GTA 5. Hence, some fans wonder if he’s alive or not.1 Oct 2021

Can you date From Russia without love in GTA 4?

From Russia Without Love is the name used by a female Russian user in Grand Theft Auto IV. No matter how many times Niko Bellic contacts her, she will never date him. She can be seen on a wall around the corner of the hospital near Star Junction, and she appears to be a model.

Where can I find Alex in GTA 4?

Description. Alex can be met on in the women seeking men section. Alex lives on Silicon Street in Lancaster, Algonquin, a couple of blocks up from Niko’s safehouse. She refers to Niko as the “Mysterious European” on her blog but also uses Niko’s name on occasion.

What’s the dating site on GTA 5?

Hush Smush is a dating site in Grand Theft Auto V accessible via their website It is an online dating website where one can meet various kinds of women, from cougars to amateurs.

How old is Niko Bellic?

Niko Bellic (Serbian: Нико Белић, Niko Belić) is the main protagonist of Grand Theft Auto IV. He is 69(Nice) years old and grew up in Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia fought in the Yugoslav Wars.

Who married Niko?

Niko assures him that his is on his way. Later, Niko arrives at the church and witnesses Roman and Mallorie get married. Outside, the crowd cheer as Roman and Mallorie exit the church. During the celebrations, a bald man walks up behind Niko.

How do you date someone on GTA 4?

After the mission Out of the Closet for Brucie Kibbutz, dates can be set up online through or 12-24 in-game hours after contacting the girl, she sends Niko an email. The date and time of the first date will be added to the organizer in Niko’s phone.

How do you flirt with a girl on GTA?

Use the “Touch” and “Flirt” options. When the bouncer isn’t watching you, hold the “Touch” key or button to begin filling up the “Like” bar. If the bouncer is watching you, you can repeatedly press the “Flirt” button or key to increase the “Like” bar’s progress in small increments.

What is Bohan based on?

Since Liberty City is clearly based off of New York City, Bohan is just as clearly based off of the Bronx. Located north of Dukes and Broker, just as the Bronx is located north of Queens and Brooklyn, Bohan has little of actual value to Niko.

How do you date Carmen in GTA 4?

Dating Preferences Escaping from the cops is an ideal way to raise her fondness. She prefers to visit bars or strip clubs for early dates and restaurants for later dates. She likes expensive luxury/sports cars and coupes, and also enjoys motorcycles, saying “my friend drives a bike, too, Niko.”

Who is Niko Bellic girlfriend?

Kate McReary to Niko Bellic in Undertaker. Kate McReary (Irish: Cáit Mac Ruairí) is a character who appears as a main character and a girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto IV.

What clothes does Michelle like GTA 4?

Michelle[2]EditClothing Preference: Michelle prefers Russian clothes.Vehicle Preference: Michelle likes almost any vehicle, excluding police cars, trucks, and beaters.More items…

Is CJ alive in GTA 5?

8 Easter Eggs That Proves Carl « CJ » Johnson Is STILL ALIVE In GTA 5 & Living In Los Santos!

Will Niko Bellic be in GTA 6?

Niko Bellic (1978-Determinant) is the quarternary protagonist and one of the seven playable characters in Grand Theft Auto VI. However if Option A is chosen, then Niko becomes the main antagonist of the game.

Are GTA 4 and 5 connected?

Grand Theft Auto 5 continues its connections to GTA 4 with a random moment that players can stumble across. If a player finds themselves near one of the game’s many drug stores, a robbery can take place, and the player will have the choice to kill the two robbers or help them get away.

Where is pizza this in GTA 4?

Vinewood Boulevard and Meteor Street, Downtown Vinewood, Vinewood. Atlee Street, Mission Row.

How do you get Claude’s outfit in GTA 4?

Grand Theft Auto IV The outfit will be exclusively available from Playboy X’s Penthouse, which Niko will inherit if the player chooses to side with Dwayne Forge.

Where can I find a Infernus in GTA 4?

Like most other rare sport cars from GTA IV, the Infernus was made MUCH more common in TBoGT. You can usually find Infernuses in Star Junction or in Westminister, The Meat Quarter, and Purgatory.

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