how to make mary green your girlfriend

How do you marry Mary in harvest moon back to nature?

Marriage. To marry Mary, it’s essential to raise her heart to orange or red. This can simply be accomplished by having the protagonist speak to her every day and partaking in festivals with her.

What does Mary like Harvest Moon?

Mary is one of the eligible bachelorettes in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. She is a shy and quiet girl who works at the Library, and is prone to assisting people in need. She loves books, saying that they are “Calm and soothing, somehow.” Mary spends most of her time in the Library, except for Mondays when it’s closed.

When was Al Green born?

Al Green, byname of Albert Greene, (born April 13, 1946, Forrest City, Arkansas, U.S.), American singer-songwriter who was the most popular performer of soul music in the 1970s.

What Ellie likes in Harvest Moon?

Popuri will request fried rice, an omelet or scrambled eggs. Mary will ask for relax tea, veggie juice or a chocolate cake. Elli will request strawberry milk, hot milk or a sandwich.

How do you get Ann in Harvest Moon?

Go to the second floor of the Inn between 10am and 1pm on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Ann is at a purple heart or higher and you have seen her black heart event. Hearing Ann singing, you walk into her room.

What does Gray like Harvest Moon?

Gray likes you more than Mary, and you will not be able to see the event. You won’t trigger any of the Rival Heart Events if you haven’t meet Mary, your rival for Gray’s affection.

Where is Karen Sunday Harvest Moon?

On Sundays she stays inside the general store until she heads to the inn. If you marry Karen, she’ll start her morning in the farm house. On Tuesday or Sunday she’ll stay home all day. If it is any other day of the week, she’ll help Jeff with the store from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Where is May in Harvest Moon?

May is a character in Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. She is a cute and energetic girl who lives with her grandfather Barley at Yodel Ranch. She can often be found playing with Stu at the Church.

How much money is Al Green worth?

with an estimated net worth of $7,565,006 in 2014.

Where is Al Green now 2020?

Green resides and preaches in Memphis, near Graceland.

Is Al Green still performing?

Today, the Reverend Green is a fully ordained pastor who continues to go on concert tours whenever possible. With the release of Love Ritual, a new generation can experience the thrill of listening to one of the world’s greatest R&B musicians.

How do you get Elli leaves?

Just get 6 weeds, and use 6 of the cooking utensils on them. Then choose the 6 failure recipes + Turbojolt XL + Bodigizer XL + No Utensils= Elli leaves aka the most helpful food item in the game.

What does Ellen like in Harvest Moon?

She can be found outside of the cow’s barn, possibly caring for all of your farm animals. Ellen loves animals so much that she will spend free time from work hanging around her uncle’s shop. She grows old and makes an appearance in Harvest Moon 64.

Who is barley in Harvest Moon?

Barley is a character in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. He is the owner of Yodel Ranch and will sell cows and sheep to the player as well as animal tools. He takes care of his granddaughter, May. His daughter, for no apparent reason, left the village leaving her in his care.

How do you marry Ann in Harvest Moon 64?

*Requirements: Ann must be at a pink heart. This event can occur any afternoon in Winter once Ann has reached a pink heart. Ann’s confession scene happens at night at the ranch where she demands the player proves their love to her.

How do I get a fishing pole BTN?

To get the Fishing rod you will need to talk to Greg between 7-10 AM or PM (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) on the pier on Mineral Beach. You can catch fish with this and randomly fish up power berries or a cooking recipe. There is a better version of the Fishing rod called the Fishing pole.

What is favorite food of Ann in Harvest Moon?

Ann (Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town)AnnThis page is about Ann from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. For other uses, see Ann (disambiguation).Works At:Doug’s PlaceFamily:Doug (Father)Favorite Gift:Cake, Cheese Fondue, Pancakes, Truffle Rice6 more rows•Sep 28, 2020

What is gray like Mineral Town?

Gray works as an apprentice at his grandpa Saibara’s forge. He resents how difficult it is to work under his grandpa’s supervision and doesn’t like the rural lifestyle that Saibara enjoys. Gray does enjoy the metalsmithing craft, but feels that nothing he does meets Saibara’s unrealistic expectations.

What does Kai like in story of seasons?

Kai loves pineapples! He would love you forever if you brought him a pineapple from your farm. He is a little bit embarrased about admitting that he loves a fruit that much.

How do you unlock Lou SOS FOMT?

Lou is a visitor to Mineral Town who will arrive for the first time once the player has made 75 offerings to the Harvest Goddess. She will introduce herself by visiting the player’s farmhouse early on a Sunday morning. Lou visits Mineral Town only on Sundays, excluding festival days.

How do you get Karen?

Requirements: Karen must be at a purple heart level or higher, after seeing the black heart event. On a Monday, Thursday or Saturday go to the Supermarket in between 10am and 1pm. Karen and Sasha will be arguing, and poor Jeff will be in the middle of it! When Karen sees you walk in, she will want your opinion.

How do you marry Karen in Harvest Moon Boy and Girl?

Marriage. To marry Karen, it’s essential to raise her heart to orange or red. This can simply be accomplished by having the protagonist speak to her every day and partaking in festivals with her.

How old is Karen in Harvest Moon?

Karen (Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town)KarenThis page is about Karen from Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. For other uses, see Karen (disambiguation).Japanese Name:カレン (Karen)Birthday:Fall 15Alt. Birthday:Fall 236 more rows•Aug 18, 2020

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