how to talk to my girlfriend about her weight

How do I make my girlfriend feel better about her weight?

5 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Beautiful Despite Her Weight GainMake her feel desired. Image source: iStock. … Acknowledge her feelings as valid. Be patient when she’s not so quick to accept your compliments. … Compliment her in public (and in private) Image source: iStock. … Initiate intimacy. … Shower her with love and attention.

How do I talk to my girlfriend about losing weight?

Encourage her to make an appointment with her doctor.Set some realistic goals together.Choose a weight loss program that you can both follow together.Join a gym / find a personal trainer / write an exercise plan.Eliminate all unhealthy food elements from your home(s)Do the grocery shopping based on good dietary advice.

How do I tell my girlfriend she’s too fat?

How To Tell Your Girlfriend She’s Getting FatWhen she asks “do I look fat” pause for a really long time before replying “no baby” … Look through old pictures and casually say “OMG look how skinny you were!” … Check out every skinny girl who walks past when you’re out together. … Try ordering for her at restaurants.More items…

How do I help my insecure girl with her weight?

Learn to talk about it together.Never talk too much about it, just ask questions about her opinion, and listen to her opinions. … Like, turn the situation around.She’s wanting to lose weight; and after hearing what she has to say, notice that either walking, swimming, or gym will help.More items…

What to tell a girl who gained weight?

How To Tell Your Girl She’s Gained WeightAccept the Fact. First thing’s first: accept that there’s no right way to tell her. … Don’t Lie. If she full on comes to you and asks you, don’t LIE. … Do It Together. Encourage her to work out by actually working out together. … Don’t Poke the Bear.

Is it OK to ask your partner to lose weight?

Has your partner’s body changed significantly since you got together? Is it reasonable to ask them to lose weight? In most cases, experts are quick to say that no, it’s never okay to ask your partner to lose weight for you.

How do I motivate my partner to lose weight?

How to Support Your Partner’s Weight Loss JourneyDo encourage. “Say things such as, ‘I believe in you, you have this,’” says Aaptiv trainer Candice Cunningham. … Don’t be a know-it-all. … Do offer to workout together. … Don’t guilt-trip or criticize. … Do eat healthy. … Don’t forget to ask what they need.

How do you tell your partner to lose weight?

Articulate that your concerns are because you care. “Send the message that you are coming from a place of love rather than criticism,” says Goodpaster. “For example, ‘I will always love you regardless of your body size, but because I love you so much, I want to make sure we live a long, healthy life together. ‘”5 Oct 2021

How do I talk to my partner about weight?

3 Things To Do When You Talk Weight With BAENever attack or accuse your partner. As with any conversation, come from your point of view and be sure to use “I feel” statements instead of placing blame. … Suggest healthy things you can do together. Offer to do healthy things with the person you love! … Be an active listener.6 Mar 2017

How do you talk to someone about their weight?

How to talk to a loved one about their weight – constructivelyWait for them to make the first move. … Ask questions – forget the judgement. … Be the change you want to see. … Know that you cannot shame someone into losing weight. … Focus on health, not weight. … Examine your own weight issues.More items…

How do you tell your partner your weight?

The Do’sDo remember that your loved one may already feel ashamed. Even if your loved one jokes openly about their weight, this does not mean they are comfortable with their body. … Do speak about health and feelings. … Do speak with love and respect. … Do use empathy. … Do look beyond fault.2 Oct 2013

How do you cheer up an insecure girl?

How to Support an Insecure Girl (10 Helpful Things to Say) Discuss her concerns. Encourage her to express her emotions. Sympathize with what she’s feeling. Don’t join in negative self-talk. Remind her of her good qualities. Counter her insecurities with reason. Model security in your own self-talk.More items…

How do I cope with being fat?

Here are 6 ways to get out of that “feeling fat” funk:Fat isn’t a feeling, it’s a thought pattern that’s a smokescreen for other feelings. … Stop the fat-talk. … Accentuate the positive. … Know thy fat triggers. … Work on self-acceptance skills. … If it’s more serious than that, talk to someone about it.

What to say to a girl who is self conscious about her body?

Tell her you like her quirky sense of humor. Tell her you value her honesty and compassionate qualities. Take her mind off the idea that looks matter because the more beautiful she feels inside, the more beautiful she will appear on the outside.

Is it okay to tell your girlfriend that she’s gaining weight?

This may sound counter-intuitive, but pretty much regardless of the issue at hand, if you’re concerned about something in your relationship, you should bring it up immediately. Yes, I mean immediately. Yes, even if it’s something touchy. And weight gain is definitely a touchy subject.

Is it bad for girlfriend to lose weight?

It depends. It’s fair to indirectly promote healthy habits, and there’s nothing wrong with going to the gym together or eating more healthfully. However, as everyone else has said, telling her to “lose weight to become more sexually desirable” isn’t something you should do.

Does weight gain affect relationships?

Co-morbidities related to obesity, like diabetes, often take the spotlight but weight issues have deleterious effects on relationships as well. Couples can become couch potatoes, watching TV instead of being on the go. Working out may take a backseat now that one is no longer on the prowl for a mate.5 Nov 2013

What happens when one partner loses weight?

When one partner loses weight and the other doesn’t, it can lead to serious relationship problems. A recent study by North Carolina State University found that when one partner lost 30 or more pounds, that had a negative impact on the relationship, causing arguments about food, as well as nagging and resentment.

How can a fat boyfriend lose weight?

The passive aggressive approach. If you’re the passive aggressive type, start sharing articles on your own Facebook page about getting in shape and losing weight. … Keep junk food out. … Give the gift of exercise. … Shrink his clothes. … Let him criticize himself. … Tell him what you ate all day. … Get active together. … Just be honest.More items…

How do I talk to my daughter about her weight?

How to speak up about an overweight teenage or adult child’s health.Find mutual purpose. … Help your child find his or her own motivation. … Begin with a contrasting statement. … Encourage your child to explore both sides of the issue. … Don’t push your perspective. … Focus on Mutual Purpose.More items…

How does weight loss affect relationships?

One 2013 study, conducted by researchers at North Carolina State University, found that when one partner lost weight, the relationship suffered. The researchers discovered that a partner’s weight loss could make the non-dieting partner feel jealous and more insecure about the partnership.

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