is laex honold still with his girlfriend

Is Alex Honnold having a baby?

Lots happening in our little world, all pretty exciting. Alex recently revealed the news that he and his wife, Sanni McCandless, are having a baby. He shared his excitement on Instagram with a cute post of the two looking overjoyed. Sanni’s baby bump is in clear view.1 Dec 2021

What does Sanni McCandless do?

Sanni McCandless, CPC, ELI-MP is a transition coach for outdoor-focused individuals who want to create more tailored, intentional lifestyles and find agency in their own lives. In her work, she helps people overcome the doubts and concerns that get in the way of living fearlessly and feeling fulfilled.

Is Sanni McCandless related to Christopher?

However, even though they have the same last name — and similar interests — Sanni and Chris are not related. But it doesn’t matter, because Sanni McCandless is a badass woman on her own! They’re engaged.

What’s Alex Honnold doing now?

Honnold, who is the only climber to free-solo the biggest wall on El Capitan via Freerider 5.13a, recently returned from South America where he established a new big wall route in Guyana. Honnold is also part of a new podcast cast Climbing Gold which was trending at number one on Spotify last week.

What is Alex Honnold salary?

Alex Honnold earns around $200,000 a year, although he’s likely earned more from the release of Free Solo.

Has anyone else free soloed El Capitan?

A few dozen men have “free-climbed” El Capitan, but only three – Tommy Caldwell, Honnold and the late Brad Gobright – have gone up the route Harrington achieved, known as Golden Gate.7 Nov 2020

Is Alex Honnold single?

On December 25, 2019, Honnold announced, via social media, that he and McCandless were engaged. On September 13, 2020, Honnold announced via Instagram that he and McCandless had married. On September 12, 2021, he and McCandless announced they were expecting a baby girl.

Who free soloed El Capitan first?

The first free route on El Capitan was the West Face in 1979 by Ray Jardine and Bill Price. Jardine and others during the early 1980s then made attempts at making the first free ascent of The Nose, but it resisted for 14 years.5 Feb 2021

Does Alex Honnold still free solo?

Alex Honnold is climbing into the podcast world with Climbing Gold, which will tell stories from some of the all-time greats. … Honnold turned that love into an unprecedented career as the first and still only free soloist to scale El Capitan — the 3,000 foot mammoth rock formation in Yosemite National Park.2 Apr 2021

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