is my girlfriend gonna murder me

What does it mean when a girl says kill me?

slang An expression showing one’s disdain for whatever one is faced with by humorously stating that one would prefer death.

How can I get my girlfriend to lose weight Quora?

Hey, two options, either you gain weight or help her losing weight. Buy a treadmill, wake her up in the morning, help her jog or run for 1 month, make it a habit, appreciate her and she will she the changes herself. Eat a high-protein breakfast.

What does I’m gonna kill you mean?

(one) is going to kill (someone) One will be extremely, belligerently angry with someone (though not with an actual intent to kill them).

Why do girls reply late?

But, when they are long, then the interaction is going well. When a girl takes longer than a day to reply she could be busy, uninterested, or keep you on hold. … It’s normal for a girl not to reply if she is busy with her personal life. She could be watching a movie, taking a nap, or having a walk with friends.

Is it wrong to tell your girlfriend to lose weight?

Having the desire for your partner to make changes to their lifestyle and even lose weight is, however, completely legitimate when the desire is based on a concern for their health and well-being.

Is it rude to ask your girlfriend to lose weight?

In most cases, experts are quick to say that no, it’s never okay to ask your partner to lose weight for you.

Is it okay to ask a girl to lose weight?

Originally Answered: Is it wrong to ask a female to lose weight if she wants to be in a relationship with me? No, it’s not wrong. It’s just revealing. It shows women what’s important to you—their weight, not their character; their appearance, not their personality; their sexiness, not their brain.

Would it have killed you meaning?

(somthing) could have (done something) You could have killed someone! The meaning is that, although you didn’t kill anyone, there was a high chance of accidentally killing someone. One common use of “could have ___” is to express how dangerous something was that happened. … We could have died!

Would it kill you to meaning?

Would it kill (someone) to (do something)? Used to express annoyance, exasperation, or frustration that someone is not doing something that one thinks should be easy and inconsequential.

Is gonna be meaning?

Definition of gonna —used for “going to” in informal speech and in representations of such speech “It’s not gonna be easy.””They’re gonna get married in July.””I felt like something bad was gonna happen.”

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