was perry madons secretary his girlfriend

Did Perry Mason date his secretary?

He never did. Yet throughout the run of the original Perry Mason television series (1957 to 1966), and especially in the 82 Mason novels, it’s clear that Perry and Della had a unique relationship, filled with mutual admiration and respect, unquestioning loyalty, and yes, love.

Did Paul Drake ever date Della Street?

“He defined the role.” A running gag on the series, is that although Paul Drake is a “wolf” that dates every woman he can, the only woman he does not date is Della Street whom he always respectfully refers to as Hi Beautiful – in deference to the romantic chemistry displayed between Perry and Della.

Why was Barbara Hale missing from Perry Mason?

She wanted to retire. Bill left the decision up to her. Then came an opportunity the actress couldn’t afford to turn down. She couldn’t refuse to play Della Street in the “Perry Mason” TV series.

Did Perry Mason ever kiss Della Street?

At the end of the movie Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) and Della Street (Barbara Hale) share the first on screen kiss between the two characters.

Was William Katt on Perry Mason?

Between 1985 and 1988, Katt starred in nine Perry Mason television films, playing the role of private detective Paul Drake Jr., son of Paul Drake, a fictional private detective in the Perry Mason television series and the Perry Mason series of detective stories written by Erle Stanley Gardner; Katt co-starred with his …

Was William Hopper married?

Jeanette J. Hopperm. 1959–1970Jane Gilbertm. 1940–1959

Was William Hopper a Navy SEAL?

William Hopper who served in the OSS Maritime Unit, precursor to the Navy SEALs, was born on this date in 1915. He was the son of famed Hollywood columnist Hedda Hopper. He appeared in more than 80 films including “Rebel Without a Cause.”Jan 26, 2021

Did Della Street on Perry Mason wear a wig?

DELLA STREET Set in 1931-32, the series wigmaster clearly decided that ALL WOMEN wore fingerwave bobs and therefore all female characters have basically the same wig, with varying levels of success. Della’s is not the worst but that is mainly because she is constantly wearing hats.

Was Perry Mason really in a wheelchair?

Toward the end of his life, his illness forced him to use a wheelchair in real life. “Perry Mason” became television’s most successful lawyer series, appearing weekly on CBS for nine seasons from 1957 to 1966. … It was the highest-rated TV movie that year, prompting periodic returns each season.

Are Dennis Hopper and William Hopper related?

He was a reknowned stage actor, married a number of occasions. His final spouse was Hedda Hopper, and they had been the dad and mom of William Hopper (not Dennis Hopper), who performed Paul Drake on the previous Perry Mason collection. … No relation to Dennis Hopper. Born on February 25, 1993 in Memphis, Tennessee.

Why was Perry Mason’s arm in a sling?

In four consecutive Season 8 Perry Mason episodes, Raymond Burr has his right arm first in a cast and then a sling. In a contemporary interview, Burr told TV Guide that he had injured it in a helicopter accident in Viet Nam, where he often went to visit the troops.

What episode of Perry Mason did Robert Benevides appear in?

“Perry Mason” The Case of the Impatient Partner (TV Episode 1961) – IMDb.

What episode did Perry and Della Street kiss?

Two Della Street (Barbara Hale) & Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) moments from PM season 1, episode 5.

Why did Perry Mason wear a pinky ring?

Perry Mason wears pinky ring to claim the freedom of homosexuals via the cinema. It is a subtle and courageous act when one knows that it could have destroyed his actor’s career at the time of the Mason series.

Is Alan Hale related to Barbara Hale?

Barbara Hale was also a friend (no, they were not related). Alan Hale’s acting career spanned his entire life — he appeared in his first movie as a baby and never retired!

What did William Hopper do after Perry Mason?

Military service and postwar career He received a Bronze Star and several other medals during operations in the Pacific. For eight years after the war, Hopper became involved in business and sold cars in Hollywood. He combined car sales and acting when opportunities came up during the advent of television.

Why was William Katt replaced on Perry Mason?

A Katt has left to pursue a movie career. He has been replaced by William R. Moses as Ken Malansky, Perry Mason’s new assistant. Moses was a client of Mason’s in The Case of the Lethal Lesson.

Why did Ray Collins leave Perry Mason?

In 1957, Collins joined the cast of the CBS-TV series Perry Mason and gained fame as Los Angeles police homicide detective Lieutenant Arthur Tragg. By 1960, Collins found his physical health declining and his memory waning, problems that in the next few years brought an end to his career.

Did William Hopper dye his hair?

But his lack of ambition held him back. World War II interrupted his career. Working as a frogman with explosives, the danger of the work caused his dirty blonde hair to turn prematurely white. After the war ended, he began drinking, and stopped acting for almost a decade.

Why did Paul Drake wear a pinky ring?

We now know that Perry Mason star Raymond Burr was gay, so it seems pretty likely he wore his pinky ring on the top-rated TV drama as a signal to his fellow gay men in the audience and in Hollywood.

What was William Hopper worth when he died?

William Hopper net worth: William Hopper was an American actor who had a net worth equal to $4 million at the time of his death in 1970 (adjusting for inflation)….William Hopper Net Worth.Net Worth:$4 MillionDate of Birth:Jan 26, 1915 – Mar 6, 1970 (55 years old)Gender:MaleHeight:6 ft 3 in (1.91 m)Profession:Actor1 more row

What does frogman mean in military?

frogman, member of a U.S. naval underwater demolition team. … Frogmen were carefully chosen volunteers who were intensively trained and worked without weapons. After the war they performed research and rescue operations and served in Korea, Vietnam, and on other expeditions.

What is Raymond Burr worth?

His will was challenged, without success, by the two children of his late brother, James E. Burr. Benevides’s attorney said that tabloid reports of an estate worth $32 million were an overestimate.

What was Barbara Hale worth when she died?

Barbara died on January 26, 2017 at the age of 94. She was best known for her role as Della Street on the TV series Perry Mason. Barbara Hale was born in DeKalb, Illinois in April 1922….Barbara Hale Net Worth.Net Worth:$3 MillionGender:FemaleHeight:5 ft 4 in (1.65 m)Profession:Actor, ModelNationality:United States of America1 more row

Is Perry Mason realistic?

Perry Mason is a fictional character, an American criminal defense lawyer who is the main character in works of detective fiction written by Erle Stanley Gardner. … The character was inspired by famed Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Earl Rogers.

Who played Gertie on the Perry Mason show?

But Gertie is hard to forget, largely due to the distinctive looks and personality of the actress who played her, Connie Cezon.

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