who played the dancer girlfriend of charlie harper

What happened to Mia on Two and a half?

Mia left Malibu, but eventually came back with her dancing troupe, and asked Charlie to donate sperm to her so she can have a child. Charlie instead asks her to marry him, which she accepts. Later on in the series Charlie and Mia go to Las Vegas – with Alan and Kandi – to get married.

Who plays Helen on Smallville?

Emmanuelle Vaugier is a Canadian actress, singer, and model.

Why did Alan and Kandi get a divorce?

It is revealed that Kandi is divorcing Alan because of his ear hair, nose hair, chest hair, and most of all because she wanted kids and he didn’t. Alan decides he wants kids so he and Kandi prepare to reconcile and have a kid when Kandi gets a phone call. … But Alan turns her down due to his loyalty to Lyndsey.

Did Charlie and Chelsea get married?

The relationship comes to a rut with Chelsea wanting to break up, but after some couples counseling, the two remained together. Charlie proposed to her, ring and all, just to get her to say “I love you” back to him, and until the middle of season 7, they were engaged to be married.

What did Lex do to Helen?

Lex received photographs of Helen with Lionel Luthor as part of his surveillance of Lionel. He ordered a complete background check on Helen and discovered that she received $100,000. He accused her of spying on him.

Who plays Dr Hamilton on Smallville?

“Smallville” Kent (TV Episode 2011) – Alessandro Juliani as Dr. Emil Hamilton – IMDb.

Who is Nikki One Tree Hill?

Emmanuelle VaugierBornJune 23, 1976 Vancouver, British Columbia, CanadaOccupationActressYears active1995–presentPartner(s)Chuck Lorre (2010–2012)2 more rows

Is Alan Jake’s father?

He and his ex-wife, Judith, are Jake’s parents, and Alan is possibly the biological father of Judith’s second child, a daughter named Millie Melnick. After losing his house to Judith in the divorce, he moves in with Charlie.

Why did Jake leave two and a half?

Angus T. Jones played the “half man” in Two and a Half Men, Jake, Alan Harper’s son. He became the highest paid child actor on TV at age 17, but then voiced his desire to leave the series after forging down a religious path in real life.

Does Alan pay alimony to Kandi?

Alan’s second wife, Kandi (April Bowlby) was one of Charlie’s former girlfriends. … Judith lived a luxurious life on Alan’s alimony until she got remarried to Dr. Herb Melnick (also known as Greg Melnick in earlier episodes), Jake’s pediatrician (Ryan Stiles), which meant Alan didn’t have to pay her alimony anymore.

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